Friday, July 21, 2017

Under US Senator Lisa Murkowski, Alaska Companies 2016 Total Audited Earnings Were Up 32% Over 2015 Total Earnings

From a review of the Google Finance Website and of company financial statements in the US SEC Website, I found the 4 Companies headquartered in the US State of Alaska with Stock Market Capitalizations either very late in 2016 or very early in 2017 of more than $100 Mil and which also have filed their fiscal year 2016 annual financial statements with the SEC.

Below here are the reported Audited US GAAP Earnings (Losses) of each of these 4 Alaska Companies for 2016 and 2015:

2016 2015

Most Audited Audited

Recent Net Net
Alaska Companies City State 2016 Income Income
Market Caps Above $100 Mil HQs HQs FYE (Loss) (Loss)

 $ mils  $ mils

First National Bank Alaska Anchorage AK Dec16                   41                   36
Northrim BanCorp Inc  Anchorage AK Dec16                   15                   18
Alaska Communication Systems Group Anchorage AK Dec16                     2                   13
General Communication Inc Anchorage AK Dec16                   (4)                 (26)

Total all 4

                 54                  41

2016 Total Earnings % Above 2015