Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Just Who is Apollo Global Management and What Was and is Its Relationship with Evan Bayh? The Answers May Determine Who Controls the Next US Senate?

A lot of Indiana Democrats and Independents have huge problems with Evan Bayh who makes decisions based on his best interests despite what the consequences are to so many others.

This was never more evident than his very last minute decision to not run for reelection in 2010 as the US Senator from Indiana.  He put the Indiana State Democratic Party in complete chaos with its resultant highly unsuccessful last minute chain reaction of required changes to Democratic candidates at both the National and State levels.  I think this more than anything has caused the complete demise of the Indiana Democratic Party which continues to the current day.

But now this Evan Bayh story gets even much more interesting since he now is running again to be the US Senator from Indiana which could well decide who gets control of the next US Senate.

But it gets even more intriguing since the Indianapolis Star just released an investigative report on what Evan Bayh might have doing in the last several months he served in the US Senate and where he worked after he left the US Senate.

Here are two pretty good Washington Post articles that explain this Bayh story pretty well.  The first one is by Ezra Klein and the second one is by Jennifer Rubin:

But just who is this Apollo Global Management at the center of this controversy?

It's a huge New York hedge fund.

But the cool thing to Indiana citizens is that unlike the overwhelming majority of huge secretive US hedge funds, Apollo Global Management is a publicly-held one which reports a lot of very key information with the SEC and thus Indiana citizens can view it and be much more informed in properly assessing the importance of this hedge fund to US Senate control.

Below here is all the SEC filings of Apollo Global Management.  Its 10-K filings particularly contain some very informative and highly relevant information.