Sunday, November 13, 2016

Vermont Companies Average Stock Market Prices Up 646% Since March 6, 2009, a Month and a Half After President Obama Took Office ..... Bernie Sanders Run For the US Presidency Played a Key Role Here, Since This Average Appreciation Was a Substantially Lower 397% Only 18 Months Ago

Since Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders and Vermont US House Member Peter Welch, who both wisely and courageously voted against the massive PATH ACT of 2015 which passed and also which energized the anti-establishment and the rise of Donald Trump, I think it might be helpful to research how Vermont Headquartered Companies have performed on the stock market price front during the Obama Administration.

And yes, US Congressional Votes can have enormous consequences.

Using Stock Market Prices from a combination of three excellent sources ..... Big, GRT Historical Stock and Google Finance ..... below here are the 4 Vermont Headquartered Companies with Stock Market Caps of at least $100 mil and which have had their common stocks trading from December 31, 2007 through the most recent date November 11, 2016, or the date the Companies were sold, if they were sold since the beginning of 2016, along with the related Stock Market Price Percentage Changes.

The below Average Stock Market Price Changes weigh each Company equally.

Market Market Market

Price Price Price

% % %

Change Change Change

Market Market Market 3-6-09 12-31-07 12-31-07

Price Price Price to to to
Vermont HQs
11-11-16 3-6-09 12-31-07 11-11-16 3-6-09 11-11-16

$s $s $s

Casella Waste Systems Rutland VT            11.92              0.84            13.04 1319% -94% -9%
Keurig Green Mountain Waterbury VT            92.00              8.74              9.04 952% -3% 917%
Merchants Bancshares South Burlington VT            47.85            18.30            23.50 161% -22% 104%
Union Bankshares Morrisville VT            40.20            15.90            20.37 153% -22% 97%

Average Company % Change all 4 Vermont Companies

646% -35% 277%