Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina Companies Posted First Half 2016 Earnings Growth of 86% Over First Half 2015 After Reporting Annual 2015 Earnings Growth of 271% Over Annual 2014

Since President Obama is traveling today November 2, 2016 to the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area in North Carolina and specifically to the absolutely gorgeous campus of the world renown public University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I think it might be helpful to research how the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina Area Headquartered Companies have performed on the earnings front during the Obama Administration.

In my most recent post I showed that the 25 Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area Companies with Market Caps above $100 mil reported Total Audited US GAAP Earnings in Annual 2015 which were up a spectacular 271% over Annual 2014.

So, how have they done in the first half of 2016?  Exceptionally well again.

With financial statement information filed with the SEC, the 23 Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area Companies with Market Caps above $100 mil, which have reported First Half Financial Information with the SEC, posted Total US GAAP Earnings From Continuing Operations in the First Half of 2016 which increased by another 86% above that in the First Half of 2015, as you can see in the below chart:

 First   First 

 Calendar   Calendar 

 6 Months   6 Months 

Most 2016 2015

Recent Net Net
City ST 2015 Income Income  % 
North Carolina Company HQs HQs FYE (Loss) (Loss)  Increase 

 $ mils  $ mils
Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area

Quintiles IMS Holdings Durham NC Dec15       200.3       171.4
Martin Marietta Materials Raleigh NC Dec15       167.2         88.1
First Citizens BancShares Raleigh NC Dec15       121.4       111.7
Red Hat Raleigh NC Feb16       120.0         99.5
Alliance One Intl Inc Morrisville NC Mar16         69.3       (23.6)
Highwoods Properties Inc Raleigh NC Dec15         61.7         39.1
INC Research Holdings Raleigh NC Dec15         47.8         48.6
Yadkin Financial Corp Raleigh NC Dec15         25.2         21.0
PRA Health Sciences Raleigh NC Dec15         22.7         29.6
Triangle Capital Corp Raleigh NC Dec15         19.1         20.5
Ply Gem Holdings Inc Cary NC Dec15         14.1       (18.5)
Investors Title Co Chapel Hill NC Dec15           6.3           5.8
Paragon Commercial Raleigh NC Dec15           6.3           5.0
Cree Inc Durham NC Jun16       (10.4)       (87.6)
ChannelAdvisor Corp Morrisville NC Dec15       (11.3)       (15.5)
Argos Therapeutics Inc Durham NC Dec15       (25.4)       (37.2)
Novan Durham NC Dec15       (29.2)       (10.1)
BioDelivery Sciences Intl Inc Raleigh NC Dec15       (35.2)       (27.4)
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Durham NC Dec15       (39.1)       (10.3)
Chimerix Inc Durham NC Dec15       (44.4)       (47.1)
Aerie Pharmaceutics Research Triangle Park NC Dec15       (45.9)       (36.0)
Cempra Inc Chapel Hill NC Dec15       (54.2)       (42.4)
Transenterix Morrisville NC Dec15       (93.0)       (19.5)

Total all 23

      493.3       265.1 86%