Thursday, March 13, 2014

Indiana IPOs During Obama: 9 Companies Up 66% Over 31 Month Average Period...Led By 3 Evansville IPOs Up 103%

With the superb Initial Public Offering (IPO) data available from IPO Scoop, there were 9 Indiana Companies filing IPOs so far during the Obama Administration .....from Jan 2009 through Feb 2014..... which have a Market Capitalization of more than $100 mil presently or were sold for at least that amount.
The historical stock prices of these companies were obtained from the following two excellent internet resources....  Google Finance and MarketWatch Big Charts.  The superb Yahoo Finance website was also utilized heavily.

These 9 Indiana Companies had their average stock market price increase by a very impressive 66% over a short 31 month average period of time that their common stocks traded through the most recent date March 12, 2014.

The Evansville Area was the main driver of this strong Indiana IPO stock market price appreciation, posting an average increase of 103%, led by the very well run Bristol Myers Squibb spinoff Mead Johnson Nutrition, which has its operational HQs on the West Side of Evansville.  Newburgh unparalleled activist Delois Freeman spent nearly 30 years laboring very effectively there.

Exceptionally well run, world class manufacturer Berry Plastics, located in the center of Evansville but with numerous locations all around the world, had its stock market price increase 56%, which is phenomenal when you consider that this was accomplished over a very short 17 month period of time.  Berry Plastics has been adding employees for many years.

Springleaf Holdings Credit Services was formerly owned by AIG.  A lot of Springleaf's credit business is with the middle and lower classes.  Thus it only makes sense that it was just crushed financially with the late 2008 financial meltdown.  Springleaf has gradually and consistently turned it around as the US economy has gotten better from its previously depressed position.

Springleaf, located in downtown Evansville, has some exceptional employees.....let me just name one.  Having been a computer programmer in the US Army, along with seeing many strong computer people in my long business and college professor careers, I have yet to see one with better overall computer skills than Cathy Edrington.  Since they are both so good at uncovering exceptional talent, I am surprised that neither Google nor Facebook have discovered Cathy.

Springleaf just went public recently, thus its 36% stock market price appreciation is just exceptional when considered in the light of this extremely short 5 month period of time.

Although it's not included with these 9 Indiana Companies, Windsor, CT Headquartered SS&C Technologies Holdings, an exceptionally well run Business Software and Services Company serving the financial industry, also filed an IPO during the Obama Administration and was rewarded by subsequently having its stock market price increase by a huge 172% through March 12, 2014.  SS&C  Technologies was founded by Evansville, IN native Bill Stone, who is its current CEO.  Stone has given back to where he was born and raised by substantially adding many higher paying jobs to Evansville.  Some CEOs are pretty cool. 

West Lafayette Biotech Company Endocyte had its stock market price increase by 74% and has benefited from the huge upward stock price appreciation of so many Biotech Companies.

Carmel-based Vehicle Auction Services Company KAR Holdings registered a massive 158% stock market price increase.

Below here are the stock market prices on the most recent date March 12, 2014 or the date the Company was sold and also at the closing price on the first day of the IPO, as well as the related Percentage Market Price Change for this period of time, for these 9 Indiana Companies:

1st Day

3-12-14 IPO %

Stock Closing Market

Market Market Price
Date Company HQs Sector Industry Price Price Change

Indiana IPOs During Obama


2/10/09 Mead Johnson Nutrition  Evansville Consumer Goods Processed & Packaged Goods $83.53 $26.43 216%
10/4/12 Berry Plastics Group   Evansville Consumer Goods Rubber & Plastics $23.76 $15.20 56%
10/16/13 Springleaf Holdings   Evansville Financial Credit Services $26.15 $19.26 36%

Average % Change all 3 Evansville


West Lafayette

2/4/11 Endocyte  West Lafayette Healthcare Biotechnology $13.42 $7.73 74%

Indianapolis Area

12/11/09 KAR Holdings  Carmel Services Specialty Retail $31.08 $12.03 158%
3/22/12 ExactTarget   Indianapolis Technology Application Software $33.75 $25.11 34%
3/15/12 Allison Transmission Holdings  Indianapolis Consumer Goods Auto Parts $29.84 $23.40 28%
11/17/11 Angie’s List   Indianapolis Technology Internet Software & Services $13.08 $16.28 -20%

Average % Change all 4 Indianapolis


Fort Wayne

10/21/10 Vera Bradley  Fort Wayne Consumer Goods Textile-Apparel Accessories $28.14 $24.85 13%

Average % Change all 9


Average Number of Months 9 Stocks Traded 31