Thursday, March 20, 2014

Idaho Non-Profit Hospitals Net Assets Up 51% Under Obama and the Affordable Care Act

From a review of the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA), I found 2 Non-Profit Hospital Organizations based in the State of Idaho with Net Assets (i.e. Financial Strength or Total Assets minus Total Liabilities) at the most recent date reported of more than $400 mil.  Below here are the Net Assets of these 2 Hospital Organizations at both the most recent reported date and also at the Fiscal Year End (FYE) closest to the beginning of the Obama Administration:

FYE Balance Net

Balance Sheet Assets

Most Recent
Sheet Net %

Recent Balance
Date Assets Change

Balance Sheet
Beginning Beginning During
City State Sheet Net
Obama Obama Obama
Hospital Organization HQs HQs Date Assets
Admin Admin Admin

mil $s

mil $s

St. Luke's Health System Boise ID Dec 13        872
Sep 09          577 51%
Saint Alphonsus Regional Health Boise ID Jun 13        566
Jun 09          375 51%

Total of both


         952 51%

Saint Alphonsus Regional Health is part of the Michigan headquartered giant CHE Trinity Health.