Monday, June 22, 2015

Missouri 3 Largest Health Care Company Stock Market Prices Up 624% Since March 6, 2009 Under ACA ..... If US Supreme Court Rules To Eliminate Premium Subsidies in 34 US States, a Very Significant Portion of US Citizen Wealth Appreciation Will Be Reversed

From a very thorough review of SEC filings and the Google Finance Website, I found 3 Health Care Companies headquartered in the State of Missouri with Stock Market Capitalizations of at least $1 bil now and which also have had their common stocks trading from December 31, 2007 through the most recent date June 19, 2015.

These 3 largest Missouri Health Care Companies have seen their equal-company-weighted average stock market prices increase by an exceptional 624% for the six years and three and a half months from March 6, 2009 through the most recent date June 19, 2015.

The US Supreme Court is finalizing its position on King vs Burwell.  If it rules to eliminate health insurance premium subsidies in 34 US States, the economic result on US Citizen Stock Market Portfolios will be a huge haircut, especially since just these 3 largest Missouri Health Care Companies presently have a Total Stock Market Capitalization of a huge $99 bil buoyed by the many additional health care customers in the Health Insurance Exchanges under the ACA, coupled with the fact that the average stock market price appreciation of these 3 largest Missouri Health Care Companies has been a superb 624% since March 6, 2009.

Below here are stock market prices on the most recent date June 19, 2015 and on March 6, 2009 for these 3 largest Missouri Headquartered Health Care Companies, along with the related Stock Market Price Percentage Changes.  The Companies are presented by Stock Market Capitalization:



% Change

Market Market 3-6-09

Price Price to
Health Care Companies HQs 6-19-15 3-6-09 6-19-15

$s $s

Express Scripts St Louis MO         89.87         23.10 289%
Cerner North Kansas City MO         69.43           9.18 656%
Centene St Louis MO         79.48           7.75 926%

Average % Change all 3 Missouri Health Care Companies With Market Cap > $1 Bil