Monday, June 1, 2015

Los Angeles Area Company IPOs Have Dropped Precipitously in 2015 ..... From 16 in 2014 to Only 1 So Far in 2015 ..... Shows Need For TPA and TPP

There have been 40 Initial Public Offerings since 2009 related to Companies headquartered in the Los Angeles Area.

On the very positive side, 16 of them occurred in 2014.

Especially since Companies all over the US have been getting acquired precipitously, due to extremely low interest rates and merger cost savings from many employees being dumped, the last thing the Los Angeles Area wants is to see any curtailment in their IPOs.  And just since 2014, there have been 10 acquisitions of Los Angeles area publicly-held companies with stock market caps of over $100 mil.

So what has happened in 2015 on the IPO front?  Only 1 new Los Angeles Area Company IPO so far.

The IPO market needs certainty over international trade rules.  This is the downside risk if Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) doesn't pass.  Countries like China would be able to set the international trade rules.