Monday, August 19, 2013

Upper State New York Non-Financial Corps Stock Prices Up 145% Since President Obama Took Office

From a review of SEC filings, I found 13 Non-Financial Corps headquartered in Upper State New York, which generated Core, Ongoing Pretax Income or Pretax Loss of at least $40 mil each in any of the first three years of the Obama Administration (2009, 2010 or 2011), and which also had their common stock trading on both January 16, 2009, which is the last day stocks traded before President Obama took office, and also yesterday, August 19, 2013.

These 13 Upper State New York Non-Financial Corps had their average stock prices increase by 145% from January 16, 2009 to Aug 19, 2013.  And all 13 had their stock prices increase over that four years and seven months.  Also, this 145% increase is more than one and a half times the 94% increase in the S&P 500 Index over the same time span.

Upper State New York citizens have to be very pleased with the overall stock market performance of their superb Upper State New York Non-Financial Companies during the Obama Administration.

But it wasn't just the Obama Administration.  It was also all about New York's two fine US Senators, their savvy US Congress members, their State Governor and their State legislators.....all of whom worked both diligently and effectively on behalf of all Non-Financial New York businesses of all sizes.

On the downside, the 7 Upper State New York Financial Corps didn't do nearly as well, with their average stock prices up only 36% during the same time span.  This is pretty similar to what is happening all over the country.  It is pretty clear to me that the US Fed as well as the US Congress have both dramatically and continually helped the large New York-based financial institutions and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Sallie Mae, but have done very little to aid the smaller financial institutions or the people with high interest rate mortgages, very high student education loans, high credit card debts, or sky-high rents.  This isn't right.....not even close to being right.

Below here are the common stock market closing prices of each of these 20 Upper State New York Corps at both the most recent date (August 19, 2013) and also at the date just before President Obama took office in his first term (Jan 16, 2009), as well as the percentage stock market price changes for this period of time:  


State Market Market Percentage
New York Price Price Increase

HQs 8-19-13 1-16-09 (Decrease)

Non-Financial Corps

Trans World Entertainment Albany 4.95 1.16 327%
Constellation Brands Victor 53.83 15.21 254%
Dresser-Rand Olean 62.44 17.90 249%
Balchem New Hampton 49.67 15.90 212%
Albany International Albany 33.26 11.39 192%
Monroe Muffler Brake Rochester 43.21 15.99 170%
National Fuel Gas Williamsville 65.27 29.11 124%
Conmed Utica 31.08 17.21 81%
Moog East Aurora 52.53 31.54 67%
Greatbatch Clarence 35.05 22.47 56%
Paychex Rochester 39.36 25.43 55%
Corning Corning 14.72 9.70 52%
Senea Foods Marion 30.71 20.98 46%

Average Increase: all 13 Upper State New York Non-Financial Corps

Dow Industrials Index
15,010.74 8,281.22 81%
S&P 500 Index
1,646.06 850.12 94%
S&P Mid-Cap 400 Index
1,197.72 516.75 132%
S&P SmallCap 600 Index
575.10 247.89 132%

Financial Corps

M&T Bank Corp Buffalo 116.06 39.93 191%
Community Bank System De Witt 33.76 20.56 64%
Home Properties Rochester 57.32 35.28 62%
Tompkins Financial Ithaca 44.76 47.09 -5%
NBT Bancorp Norwich 22.41 25.32 -11%
First Niagara Financial Group Buffalo 10.45 13.88 -25%
Trustco Bank Corp Glenville 6.17 8.42 -27%

Average Increase: all 7 Upper State New York Financial Corps