Saturday, August 31, 2013

Akron, OH Area Corps Stock Prices Up 288% Since President Obama Took Office

From a review of SEC filings, I found 5 Corps headquartered in the Akron, OH Area which generated Core, Ongoing Pretax Income or Pretax Loss of at least $10 mil each in any of the first three years of the Obama Administration (2009, 2010 or 2011), and which also had their common stock trading on both January 16, 2009, which is the last day stocks traded before President Obama took office, and also yesterday, August 30, 2013.  

These 5 Akron Area Corps had their average stock prices increase by an impressive 288% from January 16, 2009 to August 30, 2013.

Akron residents have to be very pleased not just with the Obama Administration, but also primarily with US House of Representatives members Marcia Fudge and Tim Ryan and US Senator Sherrod Brown for their tireless and successful efforts on behalf of Akron area businesses and Akron area residents.

Below here are the common stock market closing prices of each of these 5 Akron, OH Corps at both the most recent date (August 30, 2013) and also at the date just before President Obama took office in his first term (Jan 16, 2009), as well as the percentage stock market price changes for this period of time:

Market Market Percentage

Ohio Price Price Increase

HQs 8-30-13 1-16-09 (Decrease)
Akron, OH Area Corps

Omnova Solutions Fairlawn $7.72 $0.71 987%
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Akron $20.12 $6.71 200%
Myers Industries Akron $18.56 $7.02 164%
A. Schulman Akron $26.96 $16.65 62%
FirstMerit Akron $21.16 $16.66 27%

Average Increase: all 5 Akron, OH Area Corps