Tuesday, March 17, 2015

North Dakota Companies Stock Market Prices Up a Paltry 33%% Since March 6, 2009 ..... Just Being Devastated By Oil Prices

Up until now, the worst performing US State on the average stock market price increase since the stock market low 6 years ago on March 6, 2009 of Companies headquartered in their State was Wyoming at 108%.

But North Dakota Companies have done much worse with an average increase of a meager 33%.

A real telling story here is North Dakota's Diversified Utility Company MDU Resources Group.  Its stock price has advanced 57% since March 6, 2009, but Utility Stocks are near an all-time high and the group has substantially outperformed MDU Resources Group since March 6, 2009 and particularly recently.

Another telling story is Minot, ND-based Investors Real Estate Trust, an REIT.  REIT's have been blistering hot, but not Investors Real Estate Trust, whose market price is down 17% since March 6, 2009.

Clearly, there has been a devastating spillover effect from the oil bust in North Dakota.

I would find it hard to believe that the US Federal Reserve would contemplate raising interest rates when you have a State like North Dakota imploding, being devastated financially like they clearly are presently.

Below here are the 3 North Dakota Headquartered Companies with Stock Market Caps now above $100 mil and which have had their common stocks trading from December 31, 2007, or early in 2008 for companies first going public then, through the most recent date March 16, 2015, or the date the Companies were sold, if they were sold since the beginning of 2014.

Market Market Market

Price Price Price

% % %

Change Change Change

Market Market Market 3-6-09 12-31-07 12-31-07

Price Price Price to to to
North Dakota Company HQs
3-16-15 3-6-09 12-31-07 3-16-15 3-6-09 3-16-15

$s $s $s

Titan Machinery West Fargo ND      12.92        8.17      13.10 58% -38% -1%
MDU Resources Group Bismarck ND      20.70      13.21      27.61 57% -52% -25%
Investors Real Estate Trust Minot ND        7.31        8.77        8.97 -17% -2% -19%

Average % Change all 3

33% -31% -15%