Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Hampshire Companies Stock Market Prices Up 442% Since March 6, 2009

Former US Fed Chair Ben Bernanke will be delivering a key economic presentation at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, Indiana on March 23, 2015.  It is open to the public and free of charge.    

Thus, as a backdrop for this upcoming speech and continuing a much deserved tribute to Bernanke's key role in helping the US avoid a Deep, Prolonged Financial Depression, I think it would be helpful to update just what has been going on with Stock Market Prices for Companies in each US State since March 6, 2009, the lowest point for the overall US Stock Market resulting from the aftershocks of the horrific late 2008 US Financial Meltdown, through the most recent date March 16, 2015......a roughly six year period of time.

Long-term Audited Earnings From Continuing Operations Under US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) drive Long-Term Changes in Stock Market Prices.  These Company Earnings crashed with the late 2008 US Financial Meltdown and thus the linked Stock Market Prices of the related Companies also crashed.

But since the 2008 US Financial Meltdown, these Earnings have been consistently exceptional and thus the Stock Market Prices of the related Companies have also consistently exploded upwardly in the past six years.

This is the dilemma faced by the current US Fed ..... raise US interest rates or continue former US Fed Chair Ben Bernanke's economic policies which have continued to spur Company Earnings and thus also Company Stock Market Prices.

I think the current US Fed should tweak Bernanke's economic policies some to try to more effectively deal with income and wealth inequality, but why in the world would you want to alter them significantly since they have been so incredibly successful?

And the US Congress, and frankly also US Companies,  just have to do a much better job addressing income and wealth inequality.

All 8 New Hampshire Companies had their stock market prices more than double over the past 6 years.

Below here are the 8 New Hampshire Headquartered Companies with Stock Market Caps now above $100 mil and which have had their common stocks trading from December 31, 2007, or early in 2008 for companies first going public then, through the most recent date March 16, 2015, or the date the Companies were sold, if they were sold since the beginning of 2014.

Market Market Market

Price Price Price

% % %

Change Change Change

Market Market Market 3-6-09 12-31-07 12-31-07

Price Price Price to to to
New Hampshire Company HQs
3-16-15 3-6-09 12-31-07 3-16-15 3-6-09 3-16-15

$s $s $s

Standex Intl Salem  NH       77.96        8.55      17.45 812% -51% 347%
PC Connection Merrimack NH      25.19        3.07      11.35 721% -73% 122%
Albany Intl Rochester NH      38.60        5.15      37.10 650% -86% 4%
Bottomline Technologies Portsmouth NH      27.59        5.07      14.00 444% -64% 97%
Centrix Bank & Trust Bedford NH      41.10        9.20      14.25 347% -35% 188%
White Mountains Insurance Hanover NH     684.96     165.00     514.05 315% -68% 33%
New Hampshire Thrift Bancshares Newport NH      15.29        6.51      12.40 135% -48% 23%
iCAD Nashua NH        9.35        4.45      10.10 110% -56% -7%

Average % Change all 8 New Hampshire Companies

442% -60% 101%