Saturday, March 28, 2015

If Chuck Schumer Is Coronated US Democratic Senate Minority Leader, US Senate Campaign Funds and Grass Roots Support Will Both Drop Precipitously ..... Count On It

Just like trying to coronate Larry Summers as US Treasury Secretary despite the fact that he is so divisive, arrogant and substantially less qualified for the spot than Janet Yellen, the top of the US Senate Leadership pyramid is now attempting to do the same thing by annointing Chuck Schumer as the new US Senate Democratic Minority Leader when Schumer is so much less qualified in all repects for this key spot than the very effective Patty Murray as well as many others.

By his consistent voting record on Wall Street, New York US Senator Chuck Schumer is frankly bought and paid for by Wall Street and all of the Big Financial Industry.  It is shallow, myopic thinking on this  key Schumer coronation strategy issue by the usually much more sane twosome of Harry Reid and Dick Durbin.

Yes, they are precisely correct when they assert that US Democratic Senate Campaign Funds from Wall Street and the entire Financial Industry will be increased dramatically if Schumer is coronated.

However, these Campaign Funds will drop precipitously from everyone else.  And the US Senate will only be left with one predominate issue.....what can we do to help the Big Financial Industry since it will be providing nearly all of the US Democratic Senate Campaign Funds.

Just as important if not more so is that grass root Democrats frankly don't like Chuck Schumer.  I can think of no other Democratic US Senator who is disliked more.  When you spend all of your time in the DC Bubble, you are inclined to just support your US Senate Democratic friend since you have no clue how the various US Senators come across to US citizens outside of the DC Bubble.

I'll make a prediction.  If Schumer becomes the new Democratic US Senate Minority Leader, the probability that the US Senate remains in Republican control increases dramatically to perhaps 99%.  And it will become the key issue for any US Democratic Senate Candidate running in 2016.  And any current US Senate Democrat who voted for Schumer and who is running for reelection in 2016 will have very little on-the-ground supporters working on his/her behalf...... Why in the world would they want to work hard for some Senator who, by voting for the most favored friend of Wall Street Chuck Schumer as US Senate Minority Leader, facilitated even more so the dominance of the Big Financial Industry which caused the 2008/09 Financial Meltdown, which has the substantial majority of the middle and lower US economic classes still reeling from it?