Friday, October 11, 2013

Maryland Non-Profit Hospitals Net Assets Up 89% Under Obama and the Affordable Care Act

From a review of the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA), I found 5 Non-Profit Hospital Organizations headquartered in the State of Maryland with Net Assets at the most recent date reported of more than $400 mil each.  Below here are the Net Assets of these 5 at both the most recent reported date and also at the beginning of the Obama Administration:

2008 2008 Obama

or or ACA

Most Recent
2009 2009 and

Recent Balance
FYE Balance US Fed

Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Bump
City State Sheet Net
Sheet Net %
Hospital Organization HQs HQs Date Assets
Date Assets Change

mil $s

mil $s

Johns Hopkins Health System Baltimore MD Jun 13     3,430
Jun 09     1,273 169%
University Maryland Medical System Baltimore MD Jun 13     1,373
Jun 09        904 52%
MedStar Health Columbia MD Mar 13     1,038
Jun 09        647 60%
Bon Secours Health System Baltimore MD May 13        982
Aug 09        703 40%
LifeBridge Health Baltimore MD Jun 13        607
Jun 09        406 50%

Total all 5


     3,933 89%

As you can see from the above chart, the Total Net Assets of these 5 Maryland Non-Profit Hospital Organizations increased by a very impressive 89% during the Obama Administration.

Johns Hopkins Health's Net Assets grew by $2.157 bil, or by 169%, in the most recent four years.  Of this $2.157 bil increase in Net Assets, a huge $1.537 bil of it was due to the economic gain it received when it acquired All Children's Hospital, All Children's health System and Sibley Memorial Hospital, where the fair value of the assets received substantially exceeded the fair value of the liabilities assumed.

After excluding this huge $1.537 bil economic gain from these three acquisitions, Johns Hopkins Health generated $706 mil of Total Bottom Line Profits in the most recent four years, which was only 4.1% of its Total Revenues over the same time span.

So just like Boston, MA-based Partners HealthCare on the East Coast and Oakland, CA-based Kaiser Permanente on the West Coast, Johns Hopkins Health isn't being excessively greedy in what it charges hospital patients.  And it also shows that it is being very efficient and effective in its health care delivery.  This is precisely how you bend back the Total US Health Care Cost Curve.

Just think how much total US health care costs would be removed if all Non-Profit Hospital Organizations generated Bottom Line Profits which were only 4.1% of Total Revenues! 

But it wasn't just Johns Hopkins Health.  University Maryland Medical System generated Total Bottom Line Profits of $336 mil in the most recent four years, which was a very reasonable 3.7% of its Total Revenues.  And MedStar Health generated Total Bottom Line Profits of $614 mil in the most recent four years, which was a very reasonable 3.9% of its Total Revenues.

Maryland citizens have a right to be proud not just of John Hopkins Health but of all of its Non-Profit Hospitals.  And they are all Bending Back the long-term US Total Health Cost Curve.