Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Alaska Non-Profit Hospitals Doing Just Fine Under Obama and the Affordable Care Act

From a review of the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA), I couldn't find any Non-Profit Hospital Organizations headquartered in Alaska with Net Assets above $400 mil.  But I did find sufficient information there to conclude that Alaska's Non-Profit Hospital Organizations are doing just dandy during the Obama Administration and also under the Affordable Care Act.

There is a component of Arizona-based Banner Health.....the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Denali Center/Tanana Valley Clinic.....which had its financial statements filed in EMMA.  This Non-Profit Hospital Organization had its Net Assets grow 32% during the Obama Administration from $25.3 mil in December 2009 to $33.4 mil in December 2012.  It should also be pointed out that Arizona-based Banner Health increased its Combined Net Assets by a massive 137% during the Obama Administration, going from $1.669 bil in December 2008 to $3.950 bil in June 2013. 

In addition, The Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation reported that its Net Assets grew by 34% during the Obama Administration, going from $195 mil in December 2008 to $262 mil in December 2012.

Further, the huge Seattle Washington-based Providence Health has hospital and other health care facilities in Anchorage and five other Alaskan cities.  Providence Health's Combined Net Assets have grown from $3.911 bil in December 2008 to $6.757 bil in June 2013, up 73% during the Obama Administration.