Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kathleen Sebelius Would Make A Great Kansas US Senator

The Health Care gov website was initially a major problem.

But you know what?  That stumble was a drop in the bucket to where we are now.....
  • 8.1 mil health care signups on the Insurance Exchanges when the CBO projected only 6 mil
  • 3 mil more getting Medicaid expansion
  • 3 mil more children getting covered by their parents' health insurance policies
  • 5 mil more getting private health insurance outside the Exchanges
  • 35% of health insurance signups on the Federal Exchange were under 35 years 
And that 8.1 mil signups is going higher after all final results are in.

More than anyone, Kathleen Sebelius has driven the overwhelming success of the Affordable Care Act and Kansans should feel very proud of her incredible historical accomplishments here on health care.

She also was a very popular, very effective Kansas Governor.

And with all of these accomplishments, Sebelius has been so humble. 

If she decided to run and won election as a US Senator from Kansas, I think the only better Kansas US Senator in history would be Bob Dole, who was clearly one of a kind and with such a great sense of humor while he was accomplishing so much for the country and for Kansans.