Friday, June 9, 2017

David Cay Johnston's "The Making of Donald Trump" Is Must Reading For Anyone Who Wants to Understand Donald Trump

A few interesting tidbits from this excellent book.

Page 53.....At the height of the Vietnam War, Donald Trump got a medical deferment after a doctor wrote that Trump had a bone spur in his foot.  Which foot? a journalist asked years later.  The author reported that Trump said he could not recall. 

Page 53.....Donald Trump never attended the very prestigious Wharton Graduate School of Management at the University of Penn.  Instead, he spent two years at Fordham College in New York City and then transferred to the University of Penn in Philadelphia as a junior.  He received his undergraduate degree in Economics at the University of Penn.

Pages 56 and 57.....In a lawsuit, a lawyer asked Trump if he knew what two very important finance present value and generally accepted accounting principles.....meant.  By his response, he clearly had no clue what either meant.

Page 64.....In later commenting on an employee declining to do something unseemly and then firing her....the author reported Trump as saying "I can't stomach disloyalty".  Further, revenge was a key trait he possessed.

Page 143.....The author reported that Trump chose to work with the son of a Russian mob boss.

Page 311 through 319..... The author stated that Donald Trump was involved with Felix Sater in a number of Trump Organization real estate deals, including one in Fort Lauderdale, FL where the investors got burned.  The author also stated that Sater had a checkered criminal past and that his father was a reputed Russian mob boss in Brooklyn.  The author also reported that Sater later was an operative for the CIA.

Page 390..... The author stated that so much of this book is about Trump's many complex and little known relationships with criminals-----a vast assortment of con artists, swindlers, mobsters and mob associates, a major drug trafficker he went to bat for, and other unsavory characters.
Page 391----- The author believes that Trump's relationships with criminals were never properly examined by those whose duty it was to investigate.