Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Russian Hacking: Just How Big a Deal Is It?

Three incidents that seem very strange to me.

First, during the Bush/Cheney Administration I sent a letter to the Editor of our local newspaper analyzing and criticizing some of Exxon Mobil's financial actions with a lot of detailed financial information supporting my assertions.  At that time, gas prices were extremely high at the pump and were putting substantial financial pressure on the middle and lower US economic classes.

The CEO of Exxon then was Rex Tillerson, who is now under consideration for US Secretary of State.  Tillerson succeeded Lee Raymond as ExxonMobil's CEO.  Raymond was for many years and is a close personal friend of Dick Cheney. Cheney was very closely aligned with the NSA and also with the Oil and Gas Industry..

The Evansville Courier decided not to publish my letter to the Editor.  But shortly thereafter, the IRS decided to audit me for the first time in my life.  It was a grueling two-year effectively 100% transaction audit in which the IRS agent had clearly a Russian last name and a Russian or similar accent and knew very little about accounting.

On the very same day April 22, 2008 that I got an Editorial published entitled "Presidential Traits" in the Chicago Tribune, which was also published in sister newspaper publications in both Orlando, Florida and in Southeast Florida, related to the 2008 US Presidential Democratic Primary in Indiana, this IRS Agent decided to clearly plant critical false evidence in my IRS audit workpaper which was key to determining whether there was a casualty loss related to a horrific tornado occurring in Newburgh, Indiana.    This false evidence was a Google Search picture of the tornado damaged property taken on April 22, 2008 (the date was in the Google picture) and then the IRS agent also inserted in this IRS audit workpaper a comment that this was a picture of the property 2 1/2 years earlier before the tornado hit in November 2005.  In a later report, an IRS engineer concluded that this was why there is no casualty loss.....the picture showed that the property damage occurred before the tornado hit in November 2005 and thus the tornado didn't cause the horrific property damage.

After many years of battling the IRS in this audit and including the FBI in this matter, this IRS agent of likely Russian descent mysteriously disappeared, the IRS Appeals Agent mysteriously resigned and the FBI informed me that my file was closed and could never be opened again.

Second, until September 2015 we never had any of our credit cards hacked over a period of about 45 years.

In late September 2015 I made a Russian Companies Earnings post.  I also made posts on other country companies earnings.

A short while thereafter, we got notification from CitiCorp that someone tried to use our Citi Credit Card in making a pretty big purchase in Wisconsin.  We live in Southern Indiana more than 400 miles away.

A bit later, CitiCorp sent us another Citi Credit Card and very shortly thereafter CitiCorp called again and said somebody tried to use our new CitiCorp Credit Card to make a purchase in Southern Georgia or in Florida.

And then third this morning when I opened up my PC Excel Company Earnings file which contained 65 Tabs, it was mysteriously on the Russia Tab, which was a handful of Tabs away from the one of my US Companies Tabs I was working on yesterday late afternoon.  I don't think I have reviewed that Russia Tab for over a year.

My only conclusion is that if it's not the Russians, it's the NSA, or perhaps even both.  Either way it's a very serious situation to have your privacy violated like this.