Monday, April 8, 2013

US Debt Reduction Sequester Tax Solution #44: Increase US Federal Excise Tax on Fossil Fuel Sales to Fund Increased US Infrastructure Investments

The country is in desperate need of wisely vetted infrastructure investments.  This is not just good for the future of the US economy, but it is also good for US job creation.

It seems logical to me that these US infrastructure investments be funded by the beneficiaries of these US infrastructures.  Thus, users of fixed up bridges should pay a toll to cross the fixed up bridges.  Users of fixed up mass transit should be charged additional fees to use the fixed up mass transit.  Users of fixed up airport facilities should be charged additional fees to use the fixed up airport facilities. 

And users of the fixed up roads should be charged a fee to drive on the fixed up roads.

Since individuals driving gas-powered motor vehicles are the main beneficiaries of these fixed up roads, then it seems only logical that the US Federal Excise Tax on gas sales be raised to fund these increased road infrastructure investments.