Saturday, March 11, 2017

The 2,717 US Companies With Market Caps Above $100 Mil, With December Quarter Ends And Which Have Released Their December 2016 Quarter Earnings By Thursday, March 9, 2017 Generated December 2016 Quarter Total US GAAP Earnings of $247.1 Bil, Up Surely a US Historical High 71% From Their Total US GAAP Earnings of $144.9 Bil in the December 2015 Quarter ..... It's Great To See Many of These US Companies Register Such Explosive Earnings Improvement in the Final Quarter of the Obama Administration ..... When Earnings Improve So Precipitously, US CEOs Hire More and Lay Off Fewer People ..... US Fed Chair Janet Yellen is Spot On To Now Aggressively Increase US Interest Rates

From a review of the very fine Google Finance Website, the excellent Yahoo Earnings Calendar Website and of company financial statements in the US SEC website, I found the 2,717 Companies headquartered in the US with Stock Market Capitalizations several months ago of more than $100 Mil, which have December Quarter Ends and which have filed their December 2016 Quarter Financial Statements with the SEC by Thursday, March 9, 2017.  Traditional Predominately Regulated Utilities were excluded.

It should be pointed out that there are many additional US Companies, particularly smaller ones, that haven't released their December 2016 Quarter Earnings by March 9, 2017.  In later posts, I will be updating the below tables periodically for these later earnings reporters.

US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) are promulgated by the very prestigious US Accounting Profession and are considered the gold standard for best measuring economic performance of companies.

US Companies with December Quarter Ends comprise roughly 90% of all US Companies filing with the SEC.

Below here are the Total Reported US GAAP Earnings (Losses) From Continuing Operations for the Quarters Ended December 2016 and 2015 shown by Stock Market Range for these 2,717 US Companies.

December 2016 Quarter Company Earnings Releases Through March 9, 2017:

December December

2016 2015

Quarter Quarter


Total Total

Net Net

Cap # of Income Income Better Better
Range Companies (Loss) (Loss) (Worse) (Worse)

 $ mils  $ mils  $ mils %

Above $10 Bil             372               214,991               162,588            52,403 32%
$1 Bil to $10 Bil          1,282                 34,380                 (2,870)            37,250 1298%
$100 Mil to $1 Bil          1,063                 (2,227)               (14,848)            12,621 NM

Total Above $100 Mil          2,717               247,144               144,870          102,274 71%