Sunday, July 12, 2015

Stock Market Prices of Tax Haven Cayman Islands Companies With Substantial US Operations Up 400% Since March 6, 2009

From an SEC review of Companies HQd in the Cayman Islands with substantial US Operations, with all financial statements prepared in US Dollars, and with current stock market capitalizations of more than $100 mil, I found 3 Companies.

Of these 3 Cayman Islands HQd Companies, 2 of them had their common stocks trading on March 6, 2009, pretty much the low point for the stock market resulting from the 2008-9 worldwide financial meltdown, and also trading presently.  Below here are these 2:





Market Market 3-6-09

Price Price to
Cayman Island Companies HQs 7-10-15 3-6-09 7-10-15

$s $s

Herbalife Ltd George Town      51.41        6.47 695%
Greenlight Capital Re Ltd Grand Cayman      29.52      14.40 105%

Average % Change all 2