Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Corp Tax Loophole Closer #36: Small Business Energy Cost Savings Bank Transaction Fee on Oil Futures Contracts

One key item preventing small business start-ups, as well as also severely harming existing small businesses, is extremely high, and continually growing, energy costs. And this extreme energy cost pressure, and uncertainty of future energy costs increases, are likewise weighing heavily on job creation by these small businesses.

It appears that one of the reasons gas prices, and all energy costs, are so high is due to oil future contract speculators, who seem to be able to push up the price of oil with high volume trading, without suffering any financial consequences for taking such an action, that harms the entire country so much.

From my perspective, this action is a loophole that these oil futures contract speculators are taking advantage of. There is no penalty, tax, or fee that they are now required to pay to the US Government for their harmful actions.

Thus, my proposal here is for the US Government to initiate a pretty healthy Small Business Energy Cost Savings Bank transaction fee on every oil futures contract by any Big Financial Corp, by any large Energy Trading firm, and by any large hedge fund.

In addition, there should be a US Government Small Business Energy Cost Savings Bank transaction fee on every oil futures contract made by any speculator.

The US Government transaction fees raised here should be used primarily to fund a wise, highly-vetted US Government Energy Cost Savings Bank tax incentive targeted to directly benefit smaller businesses. In addition, some of the money raised should be used to reduce the US Deficit.

An additional benefit here, is that this very healthy transaction fee should reduce oil prices a bit by making it somewhat less attractive for oil contract speculators to push up the price of oil through high volume trading by somewhat cutting into the potential profit generated from lucrative, but high-risk, speculative oil future contract trading.