Friday, February 5, 2010

Economy Needs Much More Juice to Create Jobs

After watching President Obama’s speech in mid December 2009 on his economic team’s Jobs Stimulus proposals. All I can say is “Where’s the juice”? I think much more is needed to stimulate job creation than what was presented here.

Businesses generally have no interest in hiring if they can increase their profits by more without doing so. I think the jobless recovery will continue unabated, unless much more in the way of effective incentives for job creation are enacted.

People out of work and underemployed are really hurting. And the fortunate people who have jobs are scared to death that they might lose them. That’s just not right. I am a strong President Obama supporter, but I have to ask “What kind of a country permits its citizens to be in such a widespread state of economic panic like that?”

The Administration’s economic team should take road trips around the country so they can see up close and personal just how desperate and severely depressed the unemployed (10% stated, but really much higher) and underemployed (probably, at least another 20%, the way I would compute them) are.

Since I think the US economy needs much more juice to create jobs, I will be posting a series of initiatives that I feel will best create sustainable jobs quickly and at reasonable cost.